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Amelia Wilson in Cockermouth, UK on Houzz
Amelia Wilson in Cockermouth, UK on Houzz

Although the original kitchen was large there was a lot of wasted space, limited work surface, and it was very dark. A number of changes were included in the new design, including:

  • Installing a new open staircase to bring in natural light from the room above
  • Replacing the wall mounted boiler with a floor mounted boiler to open up the space next to the back door and bring in more natural light
  • Installing underfloor heating so the radiator could be removed creating space for large pan drawers and additional work surface
  • Opening up the chimney breast so the stove could be recessed providing room for an island with seating. The island also houses a large 2-drawer fridge and a wine cooler
  • Previously there hadn't been any room for a dishwasher or in-cupboard bin but the new design included both
  • Additional spot and pendant lighting was added, plus an illuminated cabinet for wine glasses

The most striking feature is the custom built butchers block on top of the island. This island has transformed this room from a kitchen to a kitchen, dining room, place of work and the social hub of the house.

Amelia Wilson in Cockermouth, UK on Houzz