Furnishing the fantasy pad

As much as I love Cumbria the shopping could be better (and I don’t mean just from the perspective of an interior designer). So I need to head to London occasionally for a little retail therapy very important business research….. (HomeSense, please please open a store in Cumbria I beg of you). Last weeks jaunt to […]


Autumn – a look for life not just the season

Central heating alert – Autumn has arrived in Cumbria! I’m not complaining though. I’m actually one of the few Brits that doesn’t complain about our weather. I love our climate, our seasons and the unpredictability of our weather. Few places in the world offer this much variety without the extreme. We get sun, wind, rain […]


Totally wired

  I’ve found a new love that has replaced my love of willow. I’m talking baskets now. Having 4 log burners at Holly Cottage requires a lot of logs and a lot of baskets, which is where the willow obsession started. I have big willow baskets for logs, small ones for kindling, shallow ones for […]


Lush Interiors

I love love love greenery. It’s my favourite interiors accessory by a country mile. Yes I like flowers, but for me its the foliage in floral arrangements that bring them to life. It’s probably why I chose to live in Cumbria 20 miles from the wettest place in England – Seathwaite if you’re interested. Before Cumbria […]