Is yellow the new mustard?

I’ve been a mustard fan for some time now. Not the English or whole grain varieties, but the kind that has been creeping into interiors for the past year or so. It was inevitable really what with all the beautiful grey paints and soft furnishings available, it’s a natural pairing. Like the grey it’s sophisticated […]


A sad day at Holly Cottage

Agata is MIA and presumed dead. She didn’t come home last night or this morning for breakfast, and a thorough search of the surrounding fields, gardens and sheds has not provided any clues to her whereabouts so we can only assume the worst. Death by fox. I will miss her escapades and her jauntiness. She was […]


The definition of house porn

The term house porn has been in my vocabulary for years and one I use frequently but it only struck me this week that I might need to explain myself in case I’m branded a pervert. Surprisingly Wikipedia my favourite online encyclopaedia describes food porn but not house porn, which presents me with a golden […]