The mucky business of interior design

I’ve never been as grubby and whatever the opposite of house proud is (slovenly?) this week. The only relatively clean room in the house is my bedroom and I’m not sure it would pass the test if Aggie and Kim from “How clean is your house” turned up. It’s my own fault. I decided we […]


Interior designer or apprentice builder?

Until Holly Cottage all the interior design projects I had done were in properties that had all the necessary infrastructure and sources of power, heating or water you could access if you wanted a new socket or a new tap or appliance. Sometimes I changed layouts and moved walls but my focus was always the […]


What do you want to be when you grow up?

Today I am on a high which I desperately needed after the last 10 days. Scratchy (the cat) was diagnosed as having kidney disease when I got back from Kenya and it broke my heart watching him deteriorate. He was eating almost nothing and getting weaker and weaker. He perked up for a few hours […]


A Saturday night out with a difference

I had another reminder tonight of how different my life now is. Normally on Saturday night I’m draining a bottle of NZSB, tonight I was draining my stream. The stream runs down the front garden and into a pipe under the road. I installed it 3 years ago to divert the water from the fields […]