From the West End to West Cumbria

Living and working in London made it pretty easy to visit the west end and catch a show. I often went mid-week with friends, buying the cheap tickets if we weren’t sure how good it would be. I’ll watch most things for under £20 if the company’s good! Living in West Cumbria I now have […]


A not so typical English garden

Beate is still with us so I’m starting to think she’s just more like her namesake (my friend Beate Schmitt) than I realised. Both ladies are smart, (chicken Beate was the first to find the water butt). Both like to avoid the crowds, (chicken Beate prefers the nesting box to the perch at night). Both […]


Do chickens like naan bread?

Apparently yes. This isn’t a bizarre experiment to see what I can get my ladies to eat, we just had some left over last night after dinner. I have replaced a house full of contractors with a house full of family and friends, with numbers increasing as the weekend goes on, reaching its peak on […]

The car boot rookie

Now that I no longer have a city salary I need to be a little less frivolous, if only to keep myself in Bobby Brown eye cream. I will continue to support my local charity shops with donations and purchases but as I clear our house of unwanted goods my first thought should be whether […]


Going old school

Success at Mitchell’s Auctions means I am abandoning eBay as a seller and going old school from now on. My net profit after their 17.5% commission was £221 which was more than I would have expected to make on eBay. I didn’t incur any listing fees as I gave them my own list which they […]


A sad day

Hyacinth the chicken passed away last night, time and cause of death unknown. She leaves behind her sister Harriet and 4 eggs which will be delicious scrambled. RIP


A very productive day

Harold (next door neighbour/farmer/friend) came round today to see Hyacinth and diagnosed “egg bound”. He prescribed a spoonful of olive oil (orally thankfully) and isolation for 24hrs as apparently hens pick on the weak. So with help from Harold she has been oiled and is tucked up in the cat carrier for the night. Fingers […]